a poem: tending the fire

Tending the Fire

A life consists of moments

Each present moment

Creating one day-then the next

Our life as we choose.

Meaning infused from stimulation

of an experience

of our hearts opening

Being touched by another-it mattering.

Easy is the time when all else

melts away

When we are on fire

Passion drawing us close.

Easier, yet, to keep the heart open

when our souls meet-

And our soul touching

is ecstatic. 

And those moments

of being seen by the other-

When one needs

And the other selflessly gives.

Eager as the receiver desires to return

the giving when the rhythm changes.

Both offering space to expand and grow

with support and trust in each becoming.

To delight in your delights

as you walk in the world

Exploring your meaning

And I walk in mine.

And during the day to day-

We part

Connect and reconnect

Again and again.

Allowing our becoming-together

Remaining connected because of it

All the while, consistently and patiently 

tending the fire.

– shanna

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